Author Event Opportunities

For Local Authors

Event opportunities are available for those who participate in our Local Author Consignment Program. We have found that multi-author (group) events for local authors are more successful than individual ones, though we do invite some local authors to give individual presentations or to participate in author panels (depending on the theme/focus of their books). If you are interested in doing an event, let us know. Please understand, that we have many requests and are unable to accommodate everyone.

For All Authors

To make our events successful for both author and bookstore, we select authors whose books we believe will have strong appeal to our customers and our community. Books should be recently published, ideally within six months. With few exceptions, we do not hold book signings; instead we hold author presentations which include a talk with Q&A of about 30-45 minutes along with a signing. Author events are held in the main area of our store, which comfortably seats 35 people, with room for an additional 15 standing. Because our events essentially take over the store, we normally hold them in the evening after store hours (starting at 6:00 pm).

We promote events via email newsletter, email blasts, our website, Facebook, Twitter, store signage and event flyers. We also submit press releases to local media contacts. We highly recommend that authors also market their events by promoting to their contacts, audiences, and the press.

We schedule events at least six weeks in advance. Our area is very seasonal, so most of our events are scheduled during “high season” (November through April). We do schedule events May through October, but not as many. If you schedule an event with Copperfish Books, please do not schedule another one in our area within two weeks prior to or following the event. Doing so may handicap your events, and attendance and sales may suffer for it.

If you are interested in having an event at Copperfish Books, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Author’s name, book title, and publish date
  • Contact information
  • Dates you are interested in
  • Past and/or future local appearances
  • How you plan to market the event
  • Projected number of attendees you will bring in and projected book sales
  • Terms for supplying books (wholesale from publisher/distributor or on consignment)

Thank you for your interest.