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Hunter's Moon (A Doc Ford Novel #14)

Hunter's Moon (A Doc Ford Novel #14)

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Publication Date: March 4th, 2008
G.P. Putnam's Sons
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Doc Ford saves a former President of the United States from assassination-and regrets it. Months ago, Kal Wilson's wife was killed in a plane crash. President Wilson is sure it was no accident-and he wants revenge. He needs Doc Ford to spring him loose from the watchful eye of the Secret Service, keep him alive, then get him home. Ford has just been picked for presidential duty- whether he likes it or not.

About the Author

Randy Wayne White is the author of seventeen previous Doc Ford novels and four collections of nonfiction. He lives in an old house built on an Indian mound in Pineland, Florida.

Praise for Hunter's Moon (A Doc Ford Novel #14)

"Complex and emotionally-charged." -SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE "Brisk, tense, and tightly wrought." -MIAMI HERALD "The plot is twisted." -ST. PETERSBURG TIMES