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I Didn't Ask to Be Crazy

I Didn't Ask to Be Crazy

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Publication Date: April 24th, 2022
Sadee Bee
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I Didn't Ask to Be Crazy is a collection of poetry and personal essays centered around mental illness. Sadee Bee shares her journey with bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD, through creativity and raw honesty. It is a collection designed to convey the message "you are not alone." Sadee Bee is an up-and-coming poet with great interest in helping others understand that mental illness exists on a spectrum and not every experience is the same. She hopes others in need find solace in her words and understand that even if suffering cannot be seen on the surface; it doesn't mean it isn't happening.

"I Didn't Ask to Be Crazy is only the beginning. Yes, the theme is dark and that is intentional. As I write about my life with mental illness, I wanted to highlight the fact that not everything ends up being positive. Sometimes dark moments are just dark moments. This collection itself is representative of my dark moment. While I am on the other side for the moment; take everything written with the knowledge that a lot of people have been where I have. I Didn't Ask to Be Crazy is only a snippet of time in the wild world that is my mind." - Sadee Bee