Edison's Tackle Box (Paperback)

Edison's Tackle Box Cover Image

Edison's Tackle Box (Paperback)

By Meghan Colvin, Cole Roberts (Illustrator)


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For the first time ever, Edison gets to pack his tackle box for a fishing trip with his dad. He worries about not having all the important things he will need. He searches around the house for all the things he remembers using on past fishing trips. He packs worms, bobbers, net, and gloves with the hopes that he has all the important items a fisherman needs. Then he and his dad walk down to the pond close to his house where they catch fish using the worms, bobbers, net, and fishing gloves to catch a total of eight fish. They enjoy a day of talking, laughing, and catching fish together and really bond. Then they pack up all of their fishing supplies and head for home. When they get home they put away their fishing poles and tackle boxes in the garage. Edison is so excited to tell mom all about his fishing trip so he runs inside to find her. Mom asks him if he had a good time and he tells her he had a great time Even though Edison worried about what was most important to pack in his tackle box, he ended up learning the most important thing he took with him wasn't even in his tackle box.

Product Details ISBN: 9780998136677
ISBN-10: 0998136670
Publisher: Meghan Egloff
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2016
Pages: 38
Language: English