Elite Deception: Let The Games Begin! (Paperback)

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Sex, Prestige, Manipulation, and undying loyalty Synopsis: Tracey and Donovan are two very successful people and together an even more successful couple. They have money, prestige and an undying love for one another; two of the most elite African American people to ever grace the city of Miami, Florida. Throughout their fifteen years of marriage Tracey had never betrayed her husband. She never thought that the man she loved more than life itself would help to catapult her life into a whirlwind. Secrets, lies and deception seemed to have been a part of their world for years. Tracey has a bond with two of her best friends; not just friends, more like sisters. Kara and Sheila will play a huge role in the deceptiveness of an otherwise "normal" life. They have pulled themselves up from poverty and have become the most successful women that anyone could ever know. Their way of life will be rocked and knocked off balance when the sins of the husbands become a cross for all to bear. Being wealthy could not prepare them for the lies, masterful manipulation and tests that they will endure. The twist and turns will become more than they all can handle. Who will survive with their sanity intact and which one of the "Elite" will break under the pressure?

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ISBN: 9781500287795
ISBN-10: 1500287792
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 9th, 2014
Pages: 124
Language: English