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Soulfulology Adult Coloring Book III: Beautiful Stress Relieving Whimsical Mandala & Zentangle Patterns (Soulfulology Adult Coloring Books Mandalas & Zentangles #3)

Soulfulology Adult Coloring Book III: Beautiful Stress Relieving Whimsical Mandala & Zentangle Patterns (Soulfulology Adult Coloring Books Mandalas & Zentangles #3)

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2015
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Adult Coloring Book: Whimsical Zentangle & Mandala Stress Relieving Calming Patterns: A Soulfulology Series Stress-reducing, calming, relaxing, peaceful and beautiful Mandala and whimsical Zentangle coloring patterns are just what the doctor ordered Adult colorists love these fun and calming patterns, designed to bring joy, peace, and a meditative-like quality to your coloring. In this book, you'll discover: - 50 delightfully detailed Mandala & Zentangle patterns to reduce your built-up stress - Designs suitable for adults and older children ranging in complexity from beginner to expert-level - Provides hours and hours of stress relief, creative expression, mindful calm, and fun - A special section discussing the art of Mandalas, improving your coloring results, and inspirational quotes - Join millions of adults all over the world who are rediscovering the joys and stress relieving benefits of COLORING Work, kids, family, friends, technology, and life - we are all facing more responsibility and less time to relax in our lives. This is the perfect way to change that, take time for yourself, and relax -- whether you have time for just a few strokes, or an hour or more There's no pressure or time constraints - just you, the design, your imagination, and beautiful coloring patterns created to bring you peace, balance, calm, stress relief, and a connection to soul. It's a simple yet effective way to slow down, relieve stress, bring more balance into your life, and reconnect with your soul is - by coloring The Mandala means circle, completion, or center. The art has been around for thousands of years, and is known as a "soul language" with deep patterns, symbols and currents from nature; recognized for its deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness. Soulfulogy's stress-relieving Mandala & Zentangle patterns help you release your tension and worries as they fade away with each stroke and shade. Mandala designs are recognized for their deep spiritual meaning and representation of wholeness, and these designs have been carefully chosen to bring this ancient healing art to you. If you want to regain a mindful calm and relearn to express yourself creatively, then you'll love Soulfulology's reintroduction of Mandalas to the modern world. With Soulfulology coloring pages, it's not about the final product - it's about the journey. We take adult coloring books to a whole new level, a soulful one. Open your soul; renew your life. Buy Soulfulology's Adult Coloring Book with Whimsical Zentangles and Beautiful Mandalas today to help relieve your stress and create beautiful keepsakes all in one.