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Invaders of the Great Lakes: Invasive Species and Their Impact on You

Invaders of the Great Lakes: Invasive Species and Their Impact on You

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Publication Date: October 31st, 2017
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Stop the Invasion

Invasive species have invaded the Great Lakes. They are poised to invade thousands of lakes, rivers and streams. Learn how to stop them. This handy guide spotlights 44 invaders and details how they live, grow, reproduce and spread. Armed with this knowledge, you can help protect our inland waters, keeping your favorite fishing spots and lakeshores healthy.

Book Features:

- 44 invasive species divided into three categories: invertebrates, plants and fish
- How they impact you, your environment and the economy
- Tips to stop aquatic hitchhikers and other information
on how you can help
- QR codes linking to web pages with even more details.

About the Author

Wildlife Forever is America's leading all-species nonprofit conservation organization. Working with private conservation groups, state game and fish departments, and federal agencies, Wildlife Forever has been involved in more than 1,000 projects, covering every state in the nation. Wildlife Forever's conservation projects fall into four categories: habitat, fish and wildlife management, research, and conservation education. Award-winning programs include the Threat Campaign, which provides anglers, hunters, and all recreational users with the information they need to stop the spread of invasive species, and THE ART OF CONSERVATION State-Fish Art Program, a K-12 nationwide competition teaching children aquatic education through the arts.