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Heather in a Tempest (Chronicles of Amber Leaf #2)

Heather in a Tempest (Chronicles of Amber Leaf #2)

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Publication Date: September 24th, 2018
Lamp Post Inc.
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Summer 1916--Amber Leaf, Minnesota. Having lost his new bride and unborn son in a carriage accident, nobleman Oliver M. Harrington journeys to America to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Though he marries a new love and is eager to have children, he becomes despondent yet again when he learns she is barren. Meanwhile, as World War I rages overseas, he receives a letter from a stranger residing in England who claims to be his daughter. For a man of honor and exemplary character, this is impossible. Is he being blackmailed? If so, why? For to trifle with a man's despair is beyond cruel. Travel back in time in this tale of romance, turn-of-the-century decorum, and adventure. Heather in a Tempest, the second book in The Chronicles of Amber Leaf, brings you back to the world of Amber Leaf, Minnesota, before the events of the much-celebrated Amber Leaf Trilogy: Tracks in the Snow, Somewhere Between Raindrops, and A Whisper in the Wind.