The Adventurous Girl's Handbook: For Ages 9 to 99 (Paperback)

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The Adventurous Girl’s Handbook isn’t just a book for tomboys or girly-girls; it’s somewhere in between. Father Stephen and daughter Lara Brennan have written a book that allows girls to make their own rules and choices, while providing useful information on all the things girls want to know about, such as:

     • Awesome ways to decorate a bedroom
     • Simple beauty and health advice
     • Sports tips and tricks
     • Pressing flowers
     • Changing a flat tire
     • Drawing life-like figures
     • Identifying birds while on a nature walk
     • And much more!

From riding horses, playing badminton, and starting a campfire to tap dancing, practicing yoga, and throwing an unforgettable slumber party with friends, The Adventurous Girl’s Handbook is the ultimate guide to navigating the road of girlhood with style, grace, and fun and is perfect for any well-rounded and adventure-seeking girl!

About the Author

Stephen Brennan is the author of The Adventurous Boy’s Handbook and The Adventurous Girl’s Handbook. He has also edited and arranged An Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt and An Autobiography of General Custer, among others. He has worked as a circus clown, book editor, teacher, cabaret artist, actor, director, shepherd, and playwright. He resides in New York City and West Cornwall, Connecticut.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781616081645
ISBN-10: 1616081643
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2011
Pages: 208
Language: English