The Warrior Within: Young Men Standing Strong in a Reckless World (Paperback)

The Warrior Within: Young Men Standing Strong in a Reckless World By Luanne Botta Cover Image

The Warrior Within: Young Men Standing Strong in a Reckless World (Paperback)


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You have a voice in this culture...a culture that is literally spinning out of control.

The Warrior Within will strengthen, encourage and challenge you to be the young man God has called you to be. Not a perfect man, but a man who trusts and believes his God.

The Warrior Within addresses many topics: how the media is selling seduction to capture your mind and heart through pornography; wisdom in friendships; the girls in your life; the battle of sexting; becoming that warrior within. This book speaks candidly about sexual integrity. (I know you just rolled your eyes ) But the culture has thrown so many lies at you for years regarding this topic, and it is necessary to be up front and honest about it. To be a warrior within and a warrior for your generation, it is imperative that you understand the fight. You are the most influential player for your generation.

Luanne Botta is an author, Bible teacher, and speaker who brings the gospel to life through the Word and personal testimony. Her joyful, high-energy, and encouraging spirit bring an authentic transparency, making her an endearing and powerful speaker. As a high school teacher at a private Christian academy for almost twenty years, Luanne found herself in a unique role, guiding hundreds of young people through God's Word with her uncompromising, take-no-prisoners way of speaking the truth while still showing them unconditional love. Her passion was igniting them to live with a higher standard than the culture around them. From those years of teaching, Luanne has authored two books equipping high school teens on the godly truth of sexual integrity and character: Young Hearts, Pure Lives: Equipping Young Women to Stay Pure in a Reckless World and The Warrior Within: Young Men Standing Strong in a Reckless World. She challenges teens to stand firm against the culture around them that is spinning out of control. Luanne has brought her passion to women's ministry as well. A sought-after speaker for women's events and retreats, she has over fifteen years of experience teaching the Word of God and facilitating women's Bible studies. She recently recorded a podcast with Moms In Prayer International about her newest book The Armor of God: The Battle Is Real...The Victory IsSure. This book highlights the vital importance of spiritual warfare for all audiences--men and women, teens and adults, individuals, church groups, and Bible studies. Luanne is available for seminars, retreats, chapels, and conferences for women, teenage men and women, and also parents, bringing an anointing of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout her years of ministry, Luanne's greatest joy has been "to bring a voice of encouragement and hope to those who are looking for truth...and to walk humbly with my God"! Luanne may be contacted at
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Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
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