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Island Pursuit (The Island Escape Series, Book 2): Romantic Suspense

Island Pursuit (The Island Escape Series, Book 2): Romantic Suspense

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Publication Date: July 10th, 2019
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Mysterious Poem Leads to Treasure, Murder, and Romance in Island Pursuit, a Romantic Suspense from R.T. Wolfe

--Present Day, Ibis Island--

Decorated war-widow, Willow Martinez-Clearwater, has her hands full with her six-year-old daughter Chloe, and a restaurant and pub to run. Her best friend, Liam, is the closest thing Chloe has to a father and their special moments melt her soul, while Liam's solid good looks and protective nature work magic in other areas. But Willow has no time for relationships--at least that's what she keeps telling herself.

Liam, a simple high-school physics teacher, longs for Willow as his wife and Chloe as his daughter but knows he'll never compete with the memory of Willow's decorated war-hero husband.

Then Willow discovers a cryptic poem written by her murdered brother. Posting the verse above the bar at her pub, she inadvertently draws hordes of treasure hunters who try to solve the poem's riddle. But it's Chloe who helps unravel the mystery pointing to a treasure and places her mom in grave danger.

When an attempt is made on Willow's life, Liam steps in as protector while still trying to find the nerve to propose.

But with her brother's murder unsolved, and a treasure to find, Willow is trying to stay one step ahead of the Island's hawkish treasure hunters willing to do anything for the bounty, while her heart silently pursues her and Chloe's happily-ever-after.

Publisher's Note: Known for her intricate plot development and depth of characters, R.T. Wolfe brings loveable characters--and even sea turtles-- to life in her fictitious island setting. This sweet and lively romance will be enjoyed by readers 13+ years.

"I love romance books and cut my teeth on Nora Roberts. I can honestly say that this author can compare well as far as keeping the reader hooked on the story from the start, as well as giving just the right amount of detail of the characters that your imagination can fill in the blanks." Paw Prints Promotions

"R.T. has outdone herself with this series." Danny and Debbie Scott

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