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Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series, Book 1): Romantic Suspense

Island Secrets (The Island Escape Series, Book 1): Romantic Suspense

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Publication Date: July 10th, 2019
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An Underwater Clue Plunges Zoe and Dane Into a Life Threatening Pursuit in ISLAND SECRETS a Romantic Suspense from R.T. Wolfe

--Present Day, Ibis Island, West Coast of Florida--

When Zoe Clearwater learns that the skull she found in an underwater cave is her missing brother, she sells her scuba diving business, Sun Trips Touring, and dedicates herself to unravelling her brother's mysterious death.

Dane Corbin, the new owner of Sun Trips, is determined to prove to Zoe, now his employee, that he is not the womanizer he once was. But it'll take more than profit to turn Zoe's head.

Her investigation at a standstill, Zoe unearths letters from a secret lover among her brother's possessions, along with plane tickets, a promise to run away to safety, and the painful realization that she'll need Dane's help.

As mercurial clues plunge Zoe and Dane into a life-threatening pursuit and the truth burns brighter and brighter, Zoe recognizes she needs Dane as much as her brother's un-named lover needed him. But Dane will have to make it to safety, first.

Publisher's Note: Known for her intricate plot development and depth of characters, R.T. Wolfe brings loveable characters--and even sea turtles-- to life in her fictitious island setting. This sweet and lively romance will be enjoyed by readers 13+ years.

"Only RT Wolfe can have you fanning yourself while a character is having their hair washed " M.J. Schiller, Author

"I want to move there and be a part of this family " C.C. Pen, Verified Reviewer

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