Saving Nature (Hardcover)

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Saving Nature (Hardcover)


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An engaging adventure that helps children discover that Earth is hurting and why we all need to protect nature and the environment.

Malena, Oli, and Samu have heard grown-ups talking about climate change and the environment. Still, they don't understand what it all means until a cheerful robot, Buku, appears on their porch.

"Ready, Steady, GO " calls Buku.

In a blink, the children are transported to a magical garden. There, they run and play. They are having so much fun Yet, something unexpected happens. They can hear the trees, the flowers, the river . . . talk

With beautiful illustrations, Saving Nature helps children understand a difficult and confusing topic. Alicia Carbo-Guha gives kids the means to discover what is happening to our planet while giving them tools and hopes for building a better and cleaner future.

Fantasy, adventure, and learning, for ages 6 to 8

Product Details ISBN: 9781777491208
ISBN-10: 1777491207
Publisher: Alicia Carbo-Guha
Publication Date: May 5th, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English