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Painting Abstract Landscapes

Painting Abstract Landscapes

Current price: $42.95
Publication Date: July 1st, 2022
The Crowood Press


Abstract landscape painting expresses emotion while still capturing the essence of a landscape. This compelling book explores this suggestive style first developed by Turner.

Using the hauntingly-beautiful paintings of Gareth Edwards, it explores the technical, historical and psychological dimensions of abstract landscape painting to help you develop your own skillful and intensely personal approach.

  • Learn about how to begin an abstract landscape painting, using chance application
  • Understand how to ‘manage accidents’ to create innovative pieces of work
  • Discover the importance of effective composition and how this navigates the viewer’s journey
  • Determine the importance of the ‘invisible’ elements of painting: the unspoken value of the viewer and the influence of ‘looking’
  • Reveal how to utilize a convergence of linear and atmospheric perspective to help your viewer traverse the picture plane
  • Understand the importance of light, space, colorr, and tone in generating evocative paintings
  • Be more demanding of your surface, using textural techniques and glazing to achieve professional production values


About the Author

Gareth Edwards has been a professional abstract landscape painter for over twenty-five years and has developed an effective and individual approach. He is an elected RAW academian, a long-term resident of St Ives' historic Porthmeor Studios, and a prominent member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. His work is exhibited and sold throughout the world.

Gareth Edwards' daughter, Kate Reeve-Edwards is a professional writer and runs her own art writing business, Cultural Capital Arts.