The Color Within (Paperback)

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1919, The Red Summer.

One war had ended as another was to begin. Not defined by borders, but by the color of skin.

Corey Malcolm, a young boy raised sheltered by his father who leads a group of black activists, has longed for the frivol of freedom. His mother has long since been taken by hate. On a day his father loosened the reins, Corey stumbles across Elizabeth Lynch, an elder white lady whose son is an unforgiving white supremacist.

As their paths collide, Corey and Elizabeth find themselves in the deep south far from their homes in Chicago on a blanching journey back while their families race to find guns to arm their respective sides. Despite being strangers, they must tackle bigotry, violence and hate as they travel through the illiberal regions of America all while learning to trust one another. They meet aids, encounter betrayal and even family that have egregious intentions. They only have each other and in a world that has lost love, can they discover it, reach home and uncover the deeper truths that tangle between them without submitting to hate?

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ISBN: 9781953500069
ISBN-10: 1953500064
Publisher: Bound to Brew
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 276
Language: English