The Gathering: Child Abduction Response Team Book 1 (Paperback)

The Gathering: Child Abduction Response Team Book 1 By Josephine Damian Cover Image

The Gathering: Child Abduction Response Team Book 1 (Paperback)


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"They're everywhere, they're everywhere..."

That's the first thing Mahler teaches his investigative team about child predators.

The professor-turned-profiler warns them not to look in the shadows for a monster lurking there. He reminds them danger hides in plain sight; it's the ones you least suspect, the people out basking in the Florida sunshine, the seemingly nice guy with a warm smile for every mother's child he seeks.

The Child Abduction Response Team's mission: identify and stop them.

Mahler demands team members be like Caesar's wife - above reproach. Abide by his standards, or else. If the parents of a missing child can't count on investigators to obey the rules, who can they trust?

But as the anguish and frustration of working child abduction cases mounts, two members of the team, frequently at odds, agonize over taking matters into their own hands.

Can they protect a baby from a fate worse than death? What toll will it take as they carry the burden of their secret? What consequence will they suffer if Mahler finds out what they've done?

Find out by reading the Child Abduction Response Team series.

"The Gathering" is inspired by a twisted, real-life case. When a six-year-old girl disappears, everything points to her father as the perpetrator, but when Mahler and his team dig deeper, they discover a more shocking truth.

Read this gripping psychological suspense thriller today and learn to recognize the predators among us

Product Details ISBN: 9781953753014
ISBN-10: 1953753019
Publisher: Festina Lente Press
Publication Date: December 21st, 2020
Pages: 258
Language: English