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Turtle Logic

Turtle Logic

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Publication Date: November 1st, 2022
Moonshell Productions
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What do a conventional 21st century nurse and a Jazz Age heiress have in common? It turns out there is a lot.

Nancy Carver unexpectedly finds herself retired and alone in a new town when the Covid-19 Pandemic hits. She forms a lockdown support bubble with a few of her new neighbors. During weekly Sunday brunches, they listen to the memoirs of one Edwina Beauvoir Burnett, tape recorded fifty years before. Her daring exploits as a Jazz Age wild child and pilot, along with her celebrity friends, made her the regular prey of gossip columnists. Her story becomes a fascinating diversion from a world that seems to have turned on itself.

Come along as Nancy and Edwina make their way through their topsy-turvy lives, discovering how to heal their broken hearts, and step into their futures with a hopeful sense of humor.