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Island Time the Beginning: Book 1 (The Island Time Series)

Island Time the Beginning: Book 1 (The Island Time Series)

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Publication Date: October 19th, 2023


JULIE and TOM BANKS travel to the island of Sinagua, where Julie is interviewing for a counseling position at a Caribbean medical school. While touring the culturally diverse island, they witness an accident. A truck driver dies. The goat lives. Accused of murder, they are jailed. Knocked unconscious, Tom recovers on the floor of the jail, and interacts with prisoners, inappropriately. A video of the accident emerges. After examining the facts, and the truck's contents, police corruption is exposed. Enemies are created. Alliances are formed. The guilty scramble, and eventually react. Their video is seen on TV and locals give Tom a nickname. Deception reigns. The press hounds Julie and Tom, seeking the details of the murder, and suspected police abuse involving Tom. With help, the couple evaded the press making it to the medical school where Julie is beginning her four-day interview process. The Chief Prosecutor, is waiting, catching them off guard, and deposes them in the Dean's office. Eyebrows at the medical school are raised. Tom walks to the beach, and is blindsided by the press. The Chief Prosecutor seeks justice. Julie's interviews progress. The school's British office manager provides Julie with comforting inside information. The couple dines, and is jointly interviewed by the Dean of the medical school. Impressions are made, not the kind you want. Tom interviews with a millionaire who owns a yacht provisioning company, and offers Tom a high-profile job as concierge and manager at his luxury vacation Villa. Tragically, a medical school student dies in an accident, accelerating the need for Julie's expertise. The Dean tests Tom's loyalty. Julie and Tom learn they were deceived, disappointingly, by each other. A surprise from the anatomy Department is accidentally placed as cake at a birthday party for a professor. They sing and dance, looking to the future as they party the night away.

About the Author

Larry Allan has been living in the Low Country for more than a decade and is a member of the Savannah Writers Group. Originally from Minnesota, he sold everything and moved to a Caribbean island. Twice. He may have worked illegally at times, depending on how you look at it. While his formal training was in electronics and robotics maintenance, he excelled as an informal concierge and cultural attaché to faculty, staff and visitors at an off-shore medical school. His island procurement skills and his beachside cocktail hours remain legendary among medical experts on five continents. He enjoys fishing, home improvement and spending time with his wife and dog in his spare time.