Poetry Circle December 2019

Poetry image

Do you like to read or listen to poetry? Join our poetry group! We meet once a month on Monday evenings in "season." 


  • Bring a poem you love or admire (not one you have written yourself, please) that relates to this month's topic(s). December's topic is ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES.
  • Bring 6 to 8 copies to distribute so everyone in attendance can have one for reference. After each person reads, we will have a time for brief discussion/comment before going on to the next poem. 
  • Be prepared to say a few words about the poet's background and why you chose this particular poem to read to the group.

RSVP to (941) 205-2560 or copperfishbooks@comcast.net.

Event address: 
103 W. Marion Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL 33950