Our Team

Cathy Graham photoCathy Graham

“We started this bookselling business 15 years ago in the garage, selling online; and now here we are with a full-blown shop and an awesome book community…the evolution never ends!” Cathy’s background includes teaching high school, the US Air Force, a couple of corporate sales jobs, and a Benedictine monastery. She grew up in Orlando, spent many years in Maryland, and a few in Costa Rica. Besides reading, she enjoys cooking, music, wine, cats and goats (no, she doesn't have any at the moment).

Serena Wyckoff photo

Serena Wyckoff

"Give me a book with interesting characters that I'll grow to care about, a quiet afternoon to do nothing but read, and I'm happy." Serena has worked in book publishing, been a geriatric social worker and served as a web services manager. Though she often works behind the scenes on purchasing, marketing, and website voodoo, Serena loves to help bookstore patrons in any way she can and is crazy about our bookstore community. She's partial to fiction and historical fiction...but favorites of old are 1984, Stranger in a Strange Land, Slaughterhouse 5, the Dune series and The Lord of the Rings series.

Karen Solar photoKaren Solar

Karen graduated with a degree in Bio-Medical Science from Western Michigan University.  She loves to travel and has travelled extensively with her husband (and cat), both because of her husband’s job and for pleasure.  Her 15 year book sales experience includes working for Borders in both Redmond and Bellevue, Washington; Hooked on Books and, of course, Copperfish...where her co-workers and customers are the best!  Favorite genre: Mysteries.  Favorite cat:  Thumper (very big Maine Coon mix).

Jean Lewis photo

Jean Lewis

I've lived in Florida for forty years, originally from the Eastern Shore of Delaware. Worked in books for almost 25 years. I'm a voracious reader of both literary and contemporary fiction. I do love a good mystery myself now and then. And I've been known to actually read cookbooks. I have a book blog where I blog at Mauriceonbooks.com. I do book "talks" seasonally at large book clubs. One of my favorite authors is Abraham Verghese (Cutting for Stone). I have a great story of how we became friends! Oh, and I have four saved Siamese cats.

Lizy Coale photo

Lizy Coale

"Every book is my favorite because if it's not, I don't finish it." Books are Lizy's one true passion. Although licensed as a nurse, Lizy currently does freelance creative writing with the hopes of one day becoming a full-fledged author. She reads almost every genre, but her current faves are science fiction and fantasy, young adult, and poetry. When she's not at work or writing, she's probably reading; Lizy averages one book read per two days. Her favorite book of all time is Kiss Me, Judas by Will Christopher Baer. She also writes reviews at bifrostbookreviews.tumblr.com 

Liz Tietsworth photo

Liz Tietsworth

Liz has a BA in Biology from New College and has enjoyed living on both coasts (of Florida). She loves to spend time exercising, cooking, eating and hanging out with her family. Liz reads books from different genres and likes to introduce people to titles outside their "comfort zone"; she loves talking to customers at Copperfish.