Used Book Credit

Condition Matters

Only books in very good condition will be accepted. No water damage, musty or cigarette smoke smell, ripped covers/pages will be accepted. In general, we accept gently used paperbacks published within the last five years. We may consider hardcover books and books in other categories. Most hardcover fiction older than six months will not be accepted.

Preferred Categories

Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Florida, Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and audio books (CDs). Other categories may be accepted depending on bookstore need.

Used Books Purchased from Us

We do not take back in trade every book that comes from this store.  Reasons include:

  • Condition – even if a book was purchased here in good condition, it may no longer be acceptable.
  • Overstock – the store may already have enough quantities of a title.
  • Unsellable – we may feel that there is no longer consumer demand for the book.
  • Local author – we sell only new books by local authors in fairness to them.

Credit Rates

  • Paperbacks: 20% of the cover price.
  • Hardcovers: 10% of the cover price.
  • Audio books (on CD): 10% of the cover price.
  • Books with discount stickers or price tags from other stores will be credited based on the sticker price.  


Please bring in only one box or bag of books at a time. Write your name and telephone number on a piece of paper and put it with your books. We'll do our best to process your books while you wait. If we're busy, we may ask you to leave them for a day or two.

Used book credit may be used for 50% of your in-store purchase of used books (excluding tax); the other 50% can be paid for in the normal way (cash, personal check, credit card, or gift certificate). Trade credit cannot be used for new items, cards, gifts, or audio CDs (audio books ok). Trade credit has no cash value.

Whatever trade credit you don't use gets banked on your account up to $100. Once your trade credit reaches $100, you must use some of your credit before bringing in more books for trade. Trade credit is good for two years from the date of your last trade transaction.