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A Carriage Ride Home (Chronicles of Amber Leaf #1)

A Carriage Ride Home (Chronicles of Amber Leaf #1)

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Publication Date: December 10th, 2014
Lamp Post Inc.
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Winter 1896-London, England. Young British nobleman Oliver M. Harrington married the love of his life only to lose her and their unborn son in a tragic buggy accident. Wanting to be close to her relatives and overcome grief, he moves to Amber Leaf, Minnesota. Through courage and hard work, he quickly rises in stature as a young attorney in a local law practice. But he finds himself in love once again with a beautiful young associate ... who is already in a relationship, albeit with a scoundrel. Will he pursue her? Or will he return to England and the life he left behind? Travel back in time in this tale of romance, turn-of-the-century decorum, and adventure. A Carriage Ride Home brings you back to the the world of Amber Leaf, Minnesota, before the events of the much-celebrated Amber Leaf Trilogy: Tracks in the Snow, Somewhere Between Raindrops, and A Whisper in the Wind.